Friday, April 16, 2010

lapse; an anthology of creative writing

The launch of 'lapse' was a great success.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out.

A special thanks to Lindsay Gray for being our photographer for the night.

Here are photos from the evening:

Cassie Leigh in front of Cask 22

Some local enthusiasts

A bump and a growl; A dazed Duncan Griffiths

Marisa Angela Blackburn

Jade Scapillato

Jeremy Colangelo

Amanda Rose Graveline

Stephanie Tingzon

Emi Morimoto

Kris Mills

Justin Emmette Harney

The crowd and James Dean...?

Cassie and Cassondra havin' a read

The crowd at break...

Phil Miletic; new President of the BUCWC

Cassie Leigh

Jade Wallace; new Editor for the BUCWC

Jade Wallace and her accompanying voices

Ed Edmonds; new VP for the BUCWC

Helen Tran; new Editor for the BUCWC
Tom Vaine

Oksana Berda; former Editor for the BUCWC

Robb Ellison; former Treasurer for the BUCWC

Sound Poetry by Two Young Stallions

A giggle and a pop

Poster for this year's launch (many thanks to Demetra Peppas)


Eric Schmaltz

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