Monday, March 15, 2010

Brock University Creative Writers' Club Presents its First Salon

The Brock University Creative Writers' Club would like to invite you to participate in our up coming Salon!

A Salon is an on the spot fiction or poetry competition. You are welcome to compete, with the chance of winning a money prize, or to come to watch the competition take place and vote for who you feel is the best on the spot poetry or fiction creator.

Rules and Guidelines
Participants must create on the spot poem or other fictional form that responds
to other participant's creative creations.

The competitors will be provided a sample piece of literature. The first competitor will have to respond to the sample provided. Subsequent participators must respond to the individuals' poem or fiction that precedes them. Each participant will have two
opportunities to vocalize an on the spot creation.

The competitors will compete in the order in which their names are drawn, telling one story per round (one round completed after each competitor has told one story or poem that responds to his/her predecessors).

There will be a total of two rounds.

Once each competitor has had the chance to create a poem or fiction twice, there will be a closed ballot in which all who attend can vote for their favorite poet or story teller.

How to Participate
In order to participate in the Salon, competitors must buy in, at a cost of 2-5 dollars. The more money the competitors put in, the more money they stand to win. At the end of the competition the winner will receive half the money of the buy in and the remaining share going towards The Brock University Creative Writers Club.

So come out, bring your friends and participate in a fun creative competition.

If you have any questions or concerns about the contest please contact Katherine Whitehurst at

Hope to see you there.

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