Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photos from Cipher Reading #4

Nicholas Berry (author of Epidemic Victus Cadaver)
Another shot of Nicholas Berry
Robert Dimmers and Eric Schmaltz (Fresh Coat editors)
Thomas Hoad (author of I Wasn't Listening)
Thomas Hoad
A shot of the crowd
Ed Edmonds and friends
Shari Edsall, Contemplative coffee drinker
Cipher emcee and curator: Eric Schmaltz
Award winning writer Cassie Leigh Clancy
Another shot of Cassie
Lindsay "buttons" Cahill
buttons II
buttons, profile
Piero Manchego-Badiola
Piero again
Piero again again
Eric Schmaltz

Thanks to Fine Grind for having us. Many thanks to Stephen Brule for taking the photos.

All photos belong to Stephen Brule

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